“A Course Series That Helps You Design, Create and Produce Inspired
Products Using Creative Media Methods You Can Easily Replicate and Master!”
“Leverage the Legendary Power
of the Public Domain Together With Nostalgia & Identity Marketing to Create In-Demand Products
that Sell Like Hotcakes!”
“Shop Local” with the Ultimate Profit Spin!
​​​​​​​When it comes to creating profitable products to sell...whether it's books, posters, mugs, t-shirts or something else, MOST people overlook one of the most obvious goldmines there is...Nostalgia combined with Identity Marketing! Regardless of where you live, there are local, regional and national events and interests, both historic and current, that you can leverage for EASY PROFITS! Nostalgia and Identity Marketing works like gangbusters because they hit at the core of people's emotions...people want to belong and relate!

I've seen this play out time and again in my own business. Nostalgia (especially local) ANYTHING always sells for premium prices...even at auctions...when products based on one town's history would likely sell for pennies in another state or country.

But Nostalgia and Identity Marketing extend WAY beyond local interests, as you will see in this brand-new training!

What I personally LOVE about this approach is that most of the content we use to create these products is from the Public Domain!

In this FUN, new “Creative Media Mastery” course, we dive DEEP into leveraging Public Domain content at the local level to create products of ALL TYPES to capitalize on local pride! And the BEST part is that it doesn't just have to be for YOUR town, city or state! You don't have to LIVE in a place to create products for it (hint hint). 

In this brand-new video training, I will share with you the specific types of products I've found that sells the best as well as demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create and sell them! I will show you examples of the products I've created and sold locally and how to ramp up your designs to tap into a regional, state or national goldmine!

Here is what to expect from the 4 Modules: 

   • Module 1: Why Leveraging Nostalgia Will Always Be a Win.
   • Module: Paper-Based Nostalgic Products that Sell Over and Over.
   • Module: Print-on-Demand Nostalgia Strategies Using Identity Marketing.
   • Module 4: How and Where to Sell Your Products and Scaling to the Next Level.

This Workshop Will Guide YOU Through the Eye-Opening Profit Strategies Sourced Directly from the “Local-Based” Goldmine in Your Town!
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“Creative Media Mastery” Special Introductory Offer!
  • This Course Series Includes:
  • ​FOUR pre-recorded “Beginner Friendly” video trainings that are taught on the course topic.
  • ​ONE video will be released EACH week over the course of a month.
  • ​Ongoing Access to the videos, slide PDFs and transcripts for the course.
  • ​Transcripts for each of the four videos!
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
Tony Laidig is taking a lifetime of design adventures to new horizons in online training. From his first published photos at 19 and on to becoming a prolific, award-winning book cover designer he proved his parents worries wrong while doing what he loved. 

Today he loves combining his passions for illustration, photography and book design while connecting with likeminded people in online training, empowering entrepreneurs to do what they love. On his downtime he loves hanging out with his grandkids, attending auctions and spending time with his own personal ninja.
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