“A Course Series That Helps You Design, Create and Produce Inspired
Products Using Creative Media Methods You Can Easily Replicate and Master!”
About “Creative Media Mastery”...
With the success of past weekly trainings, like “Expert Media Show” and “Creative Publishing Academy,” I wanted to create a new weekly training that built on the strengths of those past series. Addressing past objections like long-term commitments, no interest in certain topics and scheduling issues, “Creative Media Mastery” is different. 

“Creative Media Mastery” is a course series where training is offered as 4-Module, pre-recorded trainings that focus on themed topics over the course of a month. Pick the series topics you like and leave the ones that don't interest you. By handling the course series in this fashion, you don't have to invest in topics that don't interest you. 

Each week during the month (on Monday's) a new module is released to the Member's Area. That way, you're not locked into a specific time each week to get the training. You can simply view the Modules at your leisure. Plus, for those who still want the benefit of LIVE interaction, there is a LIVE Q&A included at the end of each monthly topic!
“Creative Media Mastery” Special Introductory Offer!
  • Each Course Series Will Include:
  •  FOUR pre-recorded “Beginner Friendly” video trainings that are taught on a specific topic.
  •  ONE video will be released EACH week over the course of a month.
  •  Ongoing Access to the videos and slide PDFs for each month you invest in.
  •  One LIVE Q&A related to the month's theme at the end of the month. Registration details will be in the Member's Area.
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
Tony Laidig is taking a lifetime of design adventures to new horizons in online training. From his first published photos at 19 and on to becoming a prolific, award-winning book cover designer he proved his parents worries wrong while doing what he loved. 

Today he loves combining his passions for illustration, photography and book design while connecting with likeminded people in online training, empowering entrepreneurs to do what they love. On his downtime he loves hanging out with his grandkids and his own personal ninja.
Creative Media Mastery: 
Course Series #1 
Available Now!
TOPIC: Create Professional-Level Art Using Public Domain Photos and Today's Bleeding Edge Technology and Art Software!
We will take a deep-dive look at the best of the BEST art software on the planet to reveal the best ways you can create breathtaking art with minimal effort! 

   • Week 1: Pastello Pro.
   • Week 2: Watercolor Studio.
   • Week 3: Topaz Studio.
   • Week 4: Painnt.
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Creative Media Mastery: 
Course Series #2 (November 2018)
First Video Posted: November 5th, 2018
TOPIC: Developing and Creating Science Fiction Worlds for Writing and Illustration Fiction for Kid's Books and Novels!
Hands-on teaching with step-by-step demos and resources that focus on the different aspects of the science fiction genre, Fantasy, Space, Futuristic and more!

   • Week 1: Designing Fantasy Worlds Using
     Templates and Generators.
   • Week 2: Space…the Final Frontier of Design.
   • Week 3: Creating Visuals for Characters,
     Environments and More.
   • Week 4: Developing Your Fantasy Stories
     through Exploration.
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Includes Both Course Series One AND Course Series Two!
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